How To Choose A Domain Name

how to choose a domain namehow to choose a domain name you ask? at least your asking this question, so that is a very good sign, you’ll find out why in a sec. How to choose a domain name? well, Some people don’t even think about SEO when they go to pick a domain name. This could be because they just don’t know how important it can be to search engine rankings.  Sure it’s cool to have a nifty domain name that people will remember, but that will not help your rankings.

Let’s get into how to choose a domain name for great search engine rankings. This works very well for small niche sites. The only exception to this would be if you are going to use your name as a domain name. Like this site JaceSims.Com but the same principles apply to what comes after that. Let me explain below.

Tips On How To Choose A Domain Name For Seo

  • Make sure whatever keyword you are going to use for your main keyword is in the first part of the domain name. For example, if my keyword is “how to choose a domain name ” I would choose a domain like of coarse you want to do your keyword research ahead of time before you go pickin out a domain. We will cover that in another post. I just wanted you to understand the importance of your domain name first. some people spend forever picking a domain name and then find out about this whole domain name SEO thing and have to start over.
  • You always want to choose a .com if possible. If that is not available .net would be my next choice, then .org. I know .info is cheap and they have their place but don’t waste your time and effort to find out it will not rank.
  • If a .com is taken you can also add a letter to the end of the domain. For example, if I had a domain for a product review site I was creating for a new clickbank product and .com was taken, I would do something like like I said always put the main keywords first in the domain. The x at the end will not really even be payed much attention by Google.
  • Hyphens? a lot  of folks ask about using hyphens in their domain. You can do this, but I don’t really recommend it, in my opinion they don’t rank as well.

How To Choose A Domain Name-What Registrar Should I Use

I think this is a personal decision and I have heard great things about Name Cheap but I use GoDaddy. Name cheap has free whois guard, that is a plus. GoDaddy has coupon codes and you can often get a domain for around 8 bucks. If you want the whois guard you’ll pay about the same as Name Cheap anyway which is around 10 bucks. I know some marketers who use both. I personally have not really had a problem with GoDaddy, so I have just stuck with them.

Oh, I almost forgot, say you have a domain name withe your name like JaceSims.Com you want to get your keyword in your domain for your page of post as well. So, name your title of your page or post your keyword. I.E. that is what it would look like if you have your permalinks in WordPress set for maximum SEO. That’s a whole other post but I use /%postname% if you use this structure your domain will look like the one I just described.

I hope this post on how to choose a domain name has given you an idea how important your domain is for SEO.

Wishing you success!

Jace Sims



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