About Me

Hey guys, Jace here, I want to thank you for stopping by my site. I have been involved in internet marketing for about the past 5  years now. I can definitely relate to the newbies out there because I can remember so clearly what that was like. My goal is for this to be a great resource for newbie and experienced marketers.

When I started 5 years ago, I knew absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing. I started with Ebay, got into article marketing, affiliate marketing, bum marketing, adsense, Amazon and a brief survey thing I'd rather not talk about.

I have wanted to quit several times and have managed to look beyond my doubts. I have not and will not let myself give up. This business takes a certain drive to keep going and if you've got it you know it. If it takes a year or ten years you just keep plugin along at it. There is a definite learning curve but if you want it bad enough you will succeed.

I finally decided to stop putting off my own site, JaceSims.Com and concentrate on building my list and providing value to my list subscribers and anyone else that comes along. I truly hope that is what you find here is help and value.

Thanks, Jace Sims

Jace Sims